Virginia personhood bill dies in Senate


Remember when Mississippi voter said "uh-uh" to their personhood amendment declaring that life begins at fertilization? By a landslide. In Mississippi! THE Bible Belt state.

It would have made birth control, like the morning-after pill or IUDs, illegal. And abortions would have been prohibited "from the moment of fertilization" which meant that doctors would shy away from performing in vitro fertilization because they might worry that they would be subject to criminal charges if an embryo didn't survive.

Fare thee well and good riddance.

Today, another equally backward measure bit the dust, this time in Gov. Bob McDonnell's Virginia. Via NBC12:

In a surprise vote the Virginia Senate has decided to refer the Personhood bill back to a Senate committee, which effectively kills the bill from consideration this year. The Senate voted 24-14 against the controversial measure...

Now Trans-Vag Ultrasound Rape Bob, aka “Confederate History Month” McDonnell, doesn't have to make another unpopular decision about personhood this year since the Senate did it for him. The bill can't be considered again until 2013...

...but the revised ultrasound bill comes up very soon. Stay tuned.

H/t: @KrystalBall1

  • kathcom

    Bravo, Virginia Senate for taking a stand...oh, no, I'm sorry, thanks for passing the buck. Not too many careers let you play Hot Potato whenever you feel like it and stay employed. Well played.