"Women are not livestock"... "We're not talking about abortions for cows and pigs, right?"


Here we go again. Now Illinois women who want an abortion may have to jump through more hoops to get the legal procedure. A House committee passed a proposal calling for women to be forced to view an ultrasound or "decline to do so in writing."

Wait, did I say "a House committee"? I meant to say the Agricultural Committee. Yes, you read that correctly.

The War on Women continues.

Via the Chicago Tribune:

The two measures call for more regulations on centers that perform abortions — including requiring doctors to ask if the patient wants to see an ultrasound and additional building regulations on the actual clinics — were passed overwhelmingly in the Agricultural Committee. They head to the House floor for debate.

However, the Illinois Department of Public Health says these new measures are "misguided" and, as the trans-vaginal sonogram rapes are, medically unnecessary.

But seriously, the Agricultural Committee?

The American Civil Liberties Union of Illinois and abortion rights advocates said debating women's health issues in a committee that typically deals with farms was insulting. Some wore T-shirts bearing the message "Women are not livestock" to the hearing. [...]

Rep. Deborah Mell, a Chicago Democrat, was one of the two members voting against the bills and criticized the assignment to a committee that generally handles farming issues.

"We're not talking about abortions for cows and pigs, right? We're talking about women?" she said.

Apparently, in some minds, there is little, if any, difference.

H/t: @1kecko