VIDEO: Pat Robertson Warns of "Atheist Dictatorship"


He says this like it's a bad thing:

Every time I hear my former employer* speak, all I can think of is Jim Ward's impression of him.

Here's a comment from under the video at YouTube:

Hey, lets start an atheist paradise, a haven if you will & make sure it's a gated community who's sacred edicts are reinforced by capital punishment, banishment, flame ,or torture.

Wait a second...


*I was hired by a production company at CBS to do some work for The Family Channel, writing hundreds of jokes for an alien character who visits, and is confused by, earth (these were to be used as bumpers for TFC). One of the things I thought would perplex him was a roll of unfurling toilet paper, so I submitted a joke to that effect.

It was rejected. Why? The words "toilet paper" were unacceptable to Pat Robertson.