Tuesday Links


Blah, Tuesdays suck.

Puerto Rico honors Obama, LBJ visits with statues

It's Pablo Picass-glow! Spanish artist conjures amazing stickman artworks by making light beams appear to float in midair

Ind. activists fight gay-support license plates

Wild and woolly, the European bison thriving after being re-introduced to Britain

2012: The year of 'birth control moms'?

Confronting Britain's legion of hidden alcoholics

Wounded warrior Cpl. Michael Nicholson returns to huge Tampa welcome

Jamie Oliver has 'more influence on U.K. diets than the government'

PBS trivia graphic feeds 'Downton Abbey' addiction

Revealed: The 25 'must have' words every child should know by the age of two

How to avoid being baptized after you’re dead.

Extraordinary pictures of solar 'tornado' as large as the Earth moving at 300,000mph