Mitt Romney's "embarrassing reality... He cannot, if nominated, beat Barack Obama."


AP/Charles Krupa photo

While we should never be complacent about President Obama's chances in November, it's still loads of fun to read devastating assessments of his (kind of, maybe, not sure, who knows) chief rival.

Via Walter Shapiro at The New Republic:

THE MITT ROMNEY CRISIS transcends the seven straight national polls showing Rick Santorum in the lead. It goes beyond the embarrassing reality that the son of an auto executive and two-term governor has been behind in every Michigan poll conducted since Groundhog’s Day. Even more devastating for Romney is that elite Republicans have begun to conclude that he cannot, if nominated, beat Barack Obama. About the only argument that still works for Romney among GOP insiders is that he would be less of a drag on the ticket than the strident Santorum or the mercurial Newt Gingrich.  

With the exception of Mike Dukakis (what is it about governors of Massachusetts?), it is impossible to recall a top-tier presidential contender who aroused such little passion among the voters. [...]

But no one has ever quite faced Romney’s particular double whammy of problems: that he's not very well liked by voters while simultaneously being considered ideologically suspect by party activists

Gee, who could possibly dislike an awkward phony who habitually flip flops, is completely out of touch with 99% of Americans, and insists on mangling "America the Beautiful" at every opportunity?