Video- Fox's Bolling Responds To Rep. Waters' Comments: "Congresswoman, You Saw What Happened To Whitney Houston. Step Away From The Crack Pipe"


The cojones. Via Media Matters.

  • Anonymous

    I am now highly suspicious of the Fox ratings. I heard yesterday that Rupert Murdoch owns the Nielsen ratings company and the figures are complied in Europe not the US. Who's to say that he is cooking the ratings to always show Fox is number 1? Nothing these people say make any sense and maybe 5 Million people out of 310 Million are Fox viewers. It appears we put too much emphasis on what these asshats say.

  • David G.

    Say what you will about Maxine Waters, but show some respect for the recently deceased.  Perhaps a short suspension from Faux News would be called for, AFTER his apology for his tasteless remarks.  DG