VIDEO: Darrell Issa's "hearing" on women's health. Pelosi: "Where are the women? ...Duh!" Democratic women boycott.


Republicans have a perverted idea of what "fair and balanced" means. They also can't seem to discern between a so-called "war on religion" and a very obvious "war on women." And did I mention they're a bunch of hypocrites?

I'll let these videos speak for themselves. I'm too angry to do much more than sputter right now:

"This is an issue about women's health."

"Five men are testifying..."

"Where are the women?"

“Imagine, having a panel on women’s health and then not having any women on the panel, duh!”

"What is it that men don’t understand about women’s health and how central the issue of family planning is to that?"

"I think the fact that they did not allow a woman on the panel is symbolic of the whole debate as to who is making these decisions about women’s health and who should be covered."

And what happens when there's a "Duh" moment like this? Think Progress tells us that and more:

Reps. Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) and Eleanor Holmes Norton (D-DC) walked out of the hearing in protest of his decision, citing frustration over the fact that the first panel of witnesses consisted only of male religious leaders against the rule. Holmes Norton said she will not return, calling Issa’s chairmanship an “autocratic regime.”

  • Visioneer985

    What do all of the MALE  religous leaders on this panel have any business in this political issue?  They are making it a religious issue and the last time I looked, our country has separation of church and state and always has.  It's the religions and their leaders who are going to cause the downfall of this great country by losing sight of the founding fathers aims and intentions in founding this country of freedom.  What the religions and their leaders don't seem to understand is our freedom from religion.               "If we put as much energy into bettering our planet and our species as we do
    worshiping the all seeing man in the cloud.... just imagine what we could

  • Well, let's not be too hard on 'ol Maindrian Pace {Issa.}  He's actually holding a hearing on something OTHER than some alleged wrongdoing by the Obama Administration -- this is a big step for him . . .

  • I'm sooooooo with you!!