VIDEO: GOP "really, really, really big government" presents-- ta daaa!-- "Forced vaginal ultrasound..."


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Damn that Dictator Obama and his Big Government ways!

Oh wait.

  • May they all have involuntary vaginal ultrasounds then.

    And if they are physiologically unable to do that, then they can shove it up their male asses.

  • Ah..but see the "voters" are with the Republicans in state elections like Virginia's. 30% of those who could vote bothered to vote in 2011 Virginia elections. Those 30%  knew damn (I can still say that, right?) well who they were voting for, and what a Republican majority meant.   They wanted Fascism, and because 70% of registered voters stayed home, they were given it on a platter. A Democracy is only as good as it's voters.  This state and many others right now have a Democratic Fascism, because 70% of voters didn't think it was important enough to vote. Well, as the saying says you reap what you sow in life.  When you let only the Fascists vote, you'll have a Fascist government. Its really that simple. 

  • How will these forced vaginal-invasive ultrasounds be paid for? By who? What about the possible negative side effects of shooting sound waves into a tiny mass of cells? What are the chances it can harm the fetus, should the abortion not happen? Does this make it more or less likely for the woman to abort, now that her prospective mass of cells might be irreparably harmed?