Koch Krony Scott Walker Nixes Factory Tour With President Obama Due To "Stomach Flu"


You know what happened, right? The powers that control Lil Scotty could deal with a "Welcome to my state" grip and grin, but not a chummy co-tour with The Target. Wuss.

There has been a change of plans in today’s meeting between President Obama, who is visiting Wisconsin to promote his economic policies, and the state’s conservative star Gov. Scott Walker.

Walker’s office has confirmed that due to a stomach flu, Walker will no longer accompany Obama on a tour of the local Master Lock factory, at which Obama is scheduled to speak in the afternoon.

Walker spokesman Cullen Werwie confirmed to TPM, however, that Walker still plans on greeting Obama on the tarmac at the Milwaukee airport.

Obama name-dropped Master Lock in his State of the Union address in January, as an example of jobs coming back to America — and unionized jobs, at that.


  • Yeah -- nothing like an impending recall to give you a tummyache, eh, Scotty?

  • Anonymous

    I hope the President brings up Walker using the mortgage funds to balance his budget and tells him he is holding out distributing the money until after the recall. 

  • Watch for it...Walker will appear elsewhere today...miraculously without the flu.
    And then he'll deny the reports.

  • Anonymous

    I'd be sick to my stomach too if I had to face the president on a factory floor full of union workers if I were Scott Walker after what I had done for union jobs in the state.. Sad that the man is to afraid to face them .. 

  • David G.

    Why would Obama want to be seen with Recall Walker anyway.  This is the best news the Prez could have gotten.  DG