GOP Hypocrisy 101: They virtually ignore birth-control issue during hearing with HHS Sec. Sebelius


Oh em gee! Birth control is bad! Nobody should use it and women should pop out babies the way the GOP pops out new primary frontrunners! Preventing abortions by preventing unwanted births? Unheard of! Require employers to cover contraception in their health care plans? Treason!

So it goes without saying that, given the opportunity, Republican Congress members would grill, blast, and belittle HHS Secretary Sebelius if they ever got a chance, like, say, at a hearing... where they would be face to face with her... and have her undivided attention... and get quoted and replayed over and over 24/7 on cable news [sic]! Right?


Via The Hill:

Republicans have vowed to keep pressing their attack against the White House’s birth-control mandate, but you wouldn’t know it from the way they approached a hearing with Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius on Wednesday.

It was the first time Sebelius has testified before Congress since announcing the contraception mandate. Yet despite a flood of statements and speeches denouncing the policy as an attack on religious freedom, Republicans on the Senate Finance Committee barely mentioned it Wednesday. [...]

Hatch opened with questions about the revised contraception mandate and whether Sebelius had discussed it with either the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops or more supportive groups, such as Planned Parenthood. She said she hadn’t. And that was about it.

"And that was about it."

This is whatcha call a manufactured controversy. A wedge issue. A diversion. Shiny keys. It's the one thing the GOP does well. I mean other than lie and smear.

  • JUDI

    MR B : It'll be something like "HHSSecretary Mum On Obama's Divisive Contraception Mandate."

  • Mr. B

    Chyron tomorrow on Fox:  GOP CONGRESS GRILLS HHS SEC'Y

    Accompanied by by cut-up/edited video . . .


  • JQ

    I'm shocked.