Video- 'Former Homosexual' Calls for Dan Savage's Arrest Over "It Gets Better"


Sigh. Only these deluded f'rs would make something so positive and life affirming into a horrid thing. Via Right Wing Watch.

DL Foster, an anti-gay activist and professed “former homosexual,” called for the arrest of author Dan Savage for his role in founding the It Gets Better Project, which has consistently been in the crosshairs of Religious Right activists over its inspirational message geared to LGBT youth. Foster, who made the comments last week on Americans For Truth About Homosexuality Radio Hour with Peter LaBarbera, is the founder of Gay Christian Movement Watch.

In the interview, Foster argued that Savage “should be arrested” for his “vile” It Gets Better “charade.” “You know, homosexual kids are still killing themselves after believing his message,” he said.

  • bpollen

    Shouldn't that read "'former homosexual' and currently 'homosexual in denial'"???
    I mean, this puts him in agreement with Marcus Bachmann,  which is prima facie evidence that he is wrong. 

  • Anonymous

    Dan Savage is trying to help give these kids some hope that they can live their lives fully without fear of being 'different'.
    You, DL Foster, are one of those that Dan Savage is trying to protect these kids from...the bigots, the small-minded, the hateful, the ones with issues who project their guilt & hate upon others.
    Trying to make yourself known upon the backs of kids who have done nothing wrong & who deserve the same rights & freedom as everyone are one very very nasty man.

  • HarborGuy

    I need to see vids of ALL of his "steaming" gay sexual us exactly how "homosexual" you were.

    The guy is full of shit. And is that name a JOKE? "DL" in "Down Low" (mostly used in the Black community, when supposed straight males are having sex with men).

    Expose this clown.