Quickie- Pete Hoekstra takes down Chinese-themed site attacking Stabenow


Dbag got the attention he wants, no kudos for him. If he was really ashamed he'd have pulled the video from YouTube.

Former U.S. Rep. Pete Hoekstra has taken down a controversial Chinese-themed website and is phasing in a new TV commercial in the slot of his original Super Bowl ad that was panned as racially insensitive.

Along with the Super Bowl ad that featured a Chinese-American actress speaking broken English, the GOP Senate hopeful launched a website www.DebbieSpentitnow.com that included Chinese characters, paper lanterns, parade dragons and Democratic opponent Debbie Stabenow's face on a Chinese fan. The web address now is directed to Hoekstra's traditional Senate campaign page.

Asked about the switch made four days after the original ad debuted, Hoekstra campaign spokesman Paul Ciaramitaro said in an email: "After hundreds of thousands of visitors to the micro-site saw our first campaign ad and the effects of Stabenow's reckless spending, we wanted to direct traffic to Pete's site where voters can see our second ad, which lays out Pete's vision of fiscal discipline and economic growth."

Hoekstra on Thursday launched another TV ad, again reiterating the nickname for Stabenow — Debbie Spend-it-now — but this time without the Chinese references. The campaign said the new ad is running in the same rotation as the previous one, but declined to discuss details on whether the non-Chinese ad will be more dominant.

  • Heather Little

    Shame on all who were involved in the making of that horrible "commercial"! I understand that in these rough economic times, people have to take jobs they don't like, to pay the bills, but dude (<- the *tone* in my "dude" reference should say it all!)!?!.. And a HUGE "shame on you" to the actress who starred in it.... But hey, the majority of human beings (no matter what some "polls" *say*..) know what's happening, because it's affecting too many of us! Grr, I can't WAIT to vote!! *chomps at bit*. Thank you for letting me vent and rant, lol!

    Oh, and a big P.S. directly to the actress who starred in the video (like she'd ever read anything I've written)-Your "accent" was forced and really baaaad! I wish you much success in the future, but for this project, shame on you, young lady!