How a Handful of Progressive Activists Brought Liberal Talk-Radio Back to the Nation's Capitol



My now-radio-colleague, a pal in general, and excellent journalist, Joshua Holland, has a post at Alternet that I hope you'll read. In short, there's a new AM radio station in town, specifically DC, hosted by a whole lot of top notch talented Progressives.

I am honored, more than I can say, to be a part of this new venture*, brought to you by my dear friend and mentor Cliff Schecter, as well as Alex Lawson and Kymone Freeman.

So, three cheers! We now have another outlet, more opportunity to get our message out, and you'll be hearing a lot of familiar, and new, even *gasp!* Liberal-- with a capital L-- voices. Joshua tells you all about it here (Please read the whole thing for all the info):

[I]f you're stuck in traffic on the infamous Beltway and want to tune into some political talk, you've only had the option of listening to right-wing bloviators like Limbaugh and Hannity. Since Air America Radio's demise in 2009, Washington has been without a liberal alternative to right-wing hate-radio.

That is, until last month, when three long-time progressive activists – Cliff Schecter, Alex Lawson and Kymone Freeman -- took over WPWC 1480 AM, and rebranded it as We Act Radio.

Awhile back, I was asked to produce a video to illustrate how it all started:

See you on the radio!

*You can hear me weekly on 1480 AM with the always-excellent Nicole Sandler (you can also hear us together every Tuesday morning online at, my podcasts here) and starting next week, on Angie Coiro's We Act Radio show every week, too. (Angie is absolutely wonderful, and was my very first radio host when she was on San Francisco's Progressive AM station Green 960. I owe her big time.)