VIDEO: Newt Gingrich Adviser accuses Democrats of aborting black babies, MSNBC anchors of "race-baiting"


When I saw this live last night, I nearly plotzed. Yes, plotzed.

Meet Newton Leroy Gingrich’s most prominent surrogate, former Communications Director Rick Tyler, who resigned over Newt’s excellent Greek cruise adventure. He now heads his Sheldon Aldelson-funded SuperPAC, Winning Our Future:

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Yeah, Rick, it's all about MSNBC's race baiting. Once again, my deep gratitude to Rachel Maddow, and the white hot exchange with Rev. Al Sharpton was nothing to sneeze at either.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm late for the group abortion session I'm holding for my African American friends.

H/t Think Progress.

Oops. Paddy posted this video earlier. What the hey, it's worth two posts.