Video- The Rachel Maddow Show: Politifact, You're Fired


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Jeff's on vacation this week to be able to take me back and forth, and he's watched more MSNBC evening line up than ever. (Rachel is his fave) Last night he watched this segment and afterwards came sputtering into the computer room with this totally wtf'd look on his face. It's so easy to forget that not everyone in this country knows what we know, but easy to realize that maybe if they did, things would be different.

  • JQ

    Politifact once again politif_cked. 

  • pigboy

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  • Oh, come on, Politifact.  We all know that Gov does not create jobs.  Give the President his props for making two correct statements.  

  • David G.

    Seems when you're a minority President, you don't get treated honestly by so many.  Rachel was so right on.  DG