Former Wisconsin Gov. Walker aide ordered to face trial


via @news3jessica

We've been following this story for some time now, and knowing what kind of person the soon-to-be-out-of-a-job Scott Walker is, this turn of events is not at all surprising.

After all, it was Scott Walker who gave Tim Russell control over the money Russell embezzled.

Via JSOnline:

A Milwaukee County court commissioner decided Monday that there is enough evidence to send Timothy D. Russell, a former top aide to Gov. Scott Walker, to trial on charges he embezzled more than $25,000 from a veterans group and two political candidates.

Russell, 48, the former deputy chief of staff for Walker when he was county executive, was charged this month with two felony counts and one misdemeanor theft count by prosecutors as part of a 20-month John Doe investigation of activities of Walker's current and former aides. [...]

Prosecutors are accusing Russell of taking $21,000 from the Heritage Guard Preservation Society, the fundraising arm of Operation Freedom, an annual appreciation day for veterans held at the county zoo. He also is accused of embezzling $3,550 from two unsuccessful County Board candidates.

He could end up serving more than 13 years and paying a $45,000 fine if convicted.

So I'm reading through this detailed article, and come across this:

Russell is accused of using some of the stolen money to pay for vacations to Hawaii and the Caribbean and to attend a weekend political strategy session with former presidential candidate Herman Cain and his chief of staff, [smoker guy] Mark Block, in Atlanta in December 2010. The complaint also alleges Russell used some of the funds to pay to renew the domain names for several Walker gubernatorial campaign websites.

Hermie Cain is everywhere! Everywhere, I tells ya!