VIDEO- Hypocrite Newt Gingrich on his own cheating vs President Clinton's


Let's just call it what it is: Newton Leroy Gingrich is so full of crap, it's nauseating.

C and L's John Amato:

He's using his own twisted behavior with his previous marital relationships to justify why he felt he wasn't being a hypocrite to Bill Clinton. You can't make this up.

So cheating on your wife is now, to use Amato's word, "instructive"? What a patriot! It's so good to know he's willing to "fight" for his country, but not his marriages. Then again, if his god forgave this "68-year-old, happily married" schmuck, so should we, says the serial adulterer who is desperate for a pardon from every gullible Republican voter in the country in order to pull off a presidential primary win.

And then there's poor old reluctant Chris "I want to talk about your personal life, I hate doing it, thank you for being so forthright" Wallace, forcing himself to ask Newtie about his sleazy, sordid past, despite his ClusterFoxian devotion to his fellow Conservacrite.

It doesn't get much more gag-inducing than this.

H/t: Heather for making the video from Video Cafe.