Stephen Colbert: "If corporations are people, then I'm a people person."


Richard Ellis/Getty Images via WaPo

Yesterday, the Stephen Colbert Rock Me Like a Herman Cain Rally took place, and between Colbert's speech and Hermie Cain's usual bizarritude and embarrassing singing, there were a lot of memorable moments.

If only Colbert were really running, the stump speeches alone would end up as HBO specials.

Via the L.A. Times:

"If corporations are people, then I'm a people person," Colbert, in full blowhard character, said, hailing himself as a kind of MLK of "corporate civil rights": "The Lockheed Martin Luther Burger King, if you will." ... "Whoever said you can't go home again did not have access to a private jet," Colbert said before introducing Cain as "The Mad Max of the flat tax."

You can see our post of as much Stephen Colbert rally video as we could get, here.

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