VIDEO: Marianne Gingrich FULL Interview on ABC News Nightline


Brought to you by none other than the Ron Paul 2012 YouTube Channel:


How nice that the party of so-called "family values" is so forgiving of a serial cheater when it suits them. IOKIYAR*.


She said she was disappointed to be told of Gingrich's angry denial on Thursday's night's CNN debate.

"If he had really changed, he could have stepped up and said he was sorry. He never has," she said in a phone interview.

So the talking points are, hey, at least he told her he wanted an open marriage! He's the victim here! What a prince! Except for the fact that he was cheating on her prior to that noble gesture... while she was ill... as he did with her to his first wife. We should be throwing confetti, not judging the poor dear.

And seriously, he's the victim? Of what, a thorough vetting? Note to voters: He's running for President of the United States.

And the other excuse is, come on, drop it already, this is ancient history! So there's a statute of limitations on being able to assess the (lack of) character and (lack of) ethics of a presidential candidate? Someone please remind all those self-righteous Republicans who continue to condemn Bill Clinton that they're hypocrites.

That said, Newton Leroy would make a splendid opponent for President Obama. By all means, primary voters, cast your ballots for this puffed up, womanizing sleazebag, make our day.

*It's okay if you're a Republican.