VIDEO: New Republican pipeline ad mocks Rachel Maddow


The people [sic] at the NRCC behind this ad are predictably living down to their reputations for awkward, often non-existent senses of humor.

On the upside, Rachel (and others) is winning the anti-Keystone XL argument, which is clearly making the Tar Sands Pipeline Disaster-in-Waiting supporters pretty squirmy.

Proponents claim this potentially calamitous gift to Big Oil will create jobs, but it doesn’t.

They also think this video is clever and/or funny, but it isn't.

Via The Hill:

Republicans are poking fun at liberal MSNBC host Rachel Maddow in their bid to gain political traction for the proposed Keystone XL oil sands pipeline.

The National Republican Congressional Committee has a new Web ad riffing on MSNBC spots that feature Maddow in front of the Hoover Dam calling for the nation to think big on infrastructure.

One more silver lining: We'll (hopefully) get to see Rachel's response, which is sure to live up to her reputation for taking a scalpel to her misguided detractors... with a smile.