Rick Santorum's terrible, horrible, no good, very bad English, but Christian conservative leaders back him anyway


I have a pet peeve. When I see public figures (Okay, and not so public figures. Okay, and sometimes even friends.) use egregiously bad grammar or mispronunciate (yes, that was intentional) or invent words, like "misunderestimate" or "pundints" or "nu-kew-lar", it drives me a little nuts.

I can't help it, it's been ingrained in me since I was a kid. I had an excellent education, and for that I owe my teachers a huge debt of gratitude. And while I am, admittedly, critical, I make plenty of mistakes, too, and often use twisted grammar or invented words as a writing device.

But I expect more from certain people, especially leaders who hold themselves up as role models or stress their own superiority and that of those who are just like they are over Americans who they imply are "less than."

So anyway, there I was, minding my own business, reading a couple of CNN articles about how Christian conservative leaders voted to support Rick Santorum and how Rick Santorum's latest pitch was to warn voters that President Obama would "destroy" Willard Romney in November. I got to the end of the second piece and the following jumped out at me:

[Santorum] plans to make Romney his main target.

"I think there are difference between me and Gingrich but frankly there are bigger differences between Romney and I than Newt and I," he said.

"Between me and Gingrich"? "Between Romney and I... Newt and I"?

Well, this may explain one thing: Why Santorum attacked the president for suggesting that American kids going to college was a good thing... although you'd think after earning three degrees of his own, he would have learned to speak English properly. Especially if he thinks it should be the official language of the United States.

And by "English" he means lousy English. You know, like the kind Rick Perry uses.

Keep 'em uninformed and uneducated, right Ricky? That's the only way the GOP can win... other than through enormous undisclosed corporate donations, fixing voting machines, and voter suppression, I mean.

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  • Jane Hawes

    Don't forget "refudiate."  Palin likened herself to Shakespeare, coining new words.  The obvious reply is that she didn't coin a new word; she mispronounced an old one.  How DARE she pretend to be  in Shakespeare's league?  Not even close.  Not even in the same universe.

    Every politician should be required to study President Lincoln's speeches; there was a guy who knew how to use the language!

  • Anonymous

    Following on the heels of Colbert's "independent" super PAC attack ad in South Carolina against "Mitt the Ripper," I hope they go after Rick Santorum, maybe pointing out that Rick's relatives in his family's ancestral home town in Italy are all ultra-liberal anti-fascist members of Italy's Communist Party, maybe an attack ad this time with Godfather theme music playing in the background.

    We all know that Rick's not ultra-liberal and not anti-fascist, and definitely not a member of any Communist Party. He belongs to the ultra-conservative and pro-fascist Republican Party, making him somewhat of a Republican Papist, meaning he'll do whatever the Pope in Rome and Evangelical Protestants tell him to do, to hell with the U.S. Constitution and our liberal democracy.

    But I can imagine further attack ads in the seriously satirical "Mitt the Ripper"  comedy vein. Maybe "Newt the Zipper" or "Rick the Flipper"? Of course, "Rick the Flipper" would just highlight the 180-degree ideological difference between Rick and his Italian relatives, sigh, another Roman Catholic rift, with Rick being the "Blah" Sheep of the Santorum family. I'm certain it'd be a hoot.

  • You're right about one thing, Pamela... there are better people to write about than Santorum, but it was irresistible to show what an inferior mind he has, even after all that evil thing knows as an education.

    Steve Gates? Who the heck is Steve Gates?

    As for speaking skills, I've heard Ricky and I've heard the president. Ricky put me to sleep. The president's excellent speaking skills have never been in question, not even by right wing pundits.

    However your writing skills fall right in line with Ricky's grammatical prowess. Now, if you can actually read, go back and take a look at our guidelines, because if you leave talking points or baiting comments here again, you'll be edited and/or deleted. We strive for a modicum of intelligence here, something you clearly lack.

  • "I bet Santorum can run circles around you in intelligence AND his
    speaking skills will make umm huuuh yaaa hummm uuhhh OBAMA look like the
    idiot he is.." -- Pamela Coffee Liner

    "Run circles around us in intelligence"??  Um, you realize you're referring to the man who once compared homosexual sex to "man on dog" sex, do you?


    "Rick Santorum is correct COLLEGE is not for everyone some are too smart
    to waste their time in school rooms...Just ask STEVE GATES, RUSH
    LIMBAUGH, GLENN BECK, etc etc etc.... " -- Pamela Coffee Liner

    Never heard of a  "Steve Gates", but the simple fact is, neither Rush Limpballs nor Glenda Belch got where they are because they were "too smart to waste their time in school rooms";  it was because they knew how to sell bullshit to the gullible, like yourself . . .

  • Sad really you have nothing better to write about...

    I bet Santorum can run circles around you in intelligence AND his speaking skills will make umm huuuh yaaa hummm uuhhh OBAMA look like the idiot he is..

    Rick Santorum is correct COLLEGE is not for everyone some are too smart to waste their time in school rooms...Just ask STEVE GATES, RUSH LIMBAUGH, GLENN BECK, etc etc etc....