Opponents of WI Sen. Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald say they have enough signatures for recall election


Per WisPolitics, Committee chairwoman Lori Compas said ...that volunteers have collected at least 16,742 signatures... The committee will file the petitions Tuesday, along with expected recall efforts against the governor, lieutenant governor and three additional GOP senators.

Compas didn't provide a current total.

However, speaking of totals:

Petition circulators are expected to submit an estimated 1.5 million signatures on the six petitions Tuesday. The verification process will start shortly after that.

Meantime, Fitzgerald filed complaint challenging the end date for recall signatures.

This is what happens when you try to deprive working people the right to collective bargaining. This is what happens when decent working people get sick and tired of abusive officials and their corporate buddies, the Koch brothers, try to crush unions, public education, decent health care, you name it.

This is what happens when the actions of those in power are so vile that people realize they have to speak out.