VIDEO- John McCain to Mike Huckabee: "Good luck on your programming on Fox, but you're not telling the truth."


Per Taegan, HuckaHopeless claimed that John McCain convinced Fred Thompson to stay in the 2008 presidential race until after South Carolina in an effort to split the vote.

Grampy McGetOffMyLawn got what's left of his molting feathers ruffled when  ClusterFoxette brought it up, proving himself to be as nasty an s.o.b. as he ever was.

  • Gee. that was a fairly straightforward take-down of Mike Huckabee... too bad it happened on Fox, where the truth is a casualty of GOP rhetoric and obfuscation.

  • Well, see, John -- Fox gets ratings and viewers despite {or maybe because of} not caring about telling the truth . . . so wishing them luck was a needless gesture . . .