Elizabeth Warren Raises Massive $5.7 Million in 4th Quarter


I love that headline from Roll Call. Love, love, love.

Harvard Law School professor Elizabeth Warren, the presumptive Democratic Senate nominee in Massachusetts, raked in a whopping $5.7 million in the fourth quarter of 2011, a campaign source confirmed.

Guess how much Scott Brown pulled in. Give up? $3.2 million.

Brown ended 2011 with about $12.8 million in cash on hand. Warren had more than $6 million in the bank.

And as I wrote these very words, I got the following email. Enjoy! And please donate to Elizabeth's campaign here.

Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts 


We just completed our year-end fundraising tally, and wow -- I'm overwhelmed by the support our campaign has earned over these last few months.

In the last quarter of 2011, we raised $5.7 million -- with an average contribution of about $64.

The dollars and cents are important, but here's the statistic that really makes me proud: now approximately 23,000 people in Massachusetts are contributing to our campaign to help us stand up to Wall Street and the big banks and level the playing field for middle class families.

In fact, there's so much enthusiasm from Massachusetts supporters that when Seth from our campaign office plotted all our in-state donations on an interactive map, it crashed the computer program.

You won't believe what it looked like. Click here to see where our contributions are coming from and share it on Facebook or Twitter:

23,000 Grassroots Massachusetts Contributors

With Wall Street lining up against this campaign, willing to pay any price to block our success, we knew all along that it was going to take a strong, grassroots effort to win.

And that's what our grassroots army has helped us build. Thanks to our strong showing, we were able to respond vigorously to the multi-million-dollar attack ads from Karl Rove and his anonymous Wall Street funders.

The attacks aren't over, and we know there's still a lot of work ahead of us. Scott Brown announced this week that he has a war chest of $12.8 million. But it's great to know we're in this together. I like having you on my side.

Thank you for being part of this,

Elizabeth Warren