VIDEO- Mitt Romney: Anyone with an accent could be an illegal immigrant; his own father was born In Mexico


Per Wikipedia, Willard's own father was born to American parents in the Mormon colonies in Mexico; events during the Mexican Revolution forced his family to move back to the United States when he was a child. and had to move to Mexico due to anti-polygamy laws.

HuffPo has more.

Ironically, in the video below, Willard says you can't tell if someone with an accent is an illegal immigrant or not:

H/t: Our pal Andrew Kaczynski for the above video

  • Anonymous

    Ok, I have an (Salvadoran-American) accent so I may be an illegal immigrant!!! My husband was raised in San Pedro, CA and has that Mexican-American accent SO he may be an Illegal immigrant!!! AND my husband thinks a Marine is always a Marine (with that Mexican-American accent!!!) so he has to be thrown out of the USA!!!!!!  My two adapted mixed-Chihuahuas for sure are MOJADOS!!!!