Graph: Unemployment rate since 1989 by president. Hint: Advantage Dems.



A picture's worth 1,000 (plus)... votes.

Yes, I'm five.

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  • Onesharpmama

    I never commented here before, but I see a lot of "wishing" from all those who have made comments here. I have a few comments of my own:

    While I sympathize with the Greens (and agree with much of what they say they are for), they really have no plan, no idea as to how their goals could possibly by achieved. At all.

    Whose interests do the Greens have at heart?

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  • Anonymous

    "You know, I don’t mind your disagreeing, but I do mind your condescension"

    Condescension.  That's an awfully big word for you.

    "By the way, one doesn’t need to “do arithmetic” to know that a vote for the Green party is a vote taken from Pres. Obama."

    You're making the (arrogant) assumption that OUR votes BELONG to Obama.  THAT'S the attitude that causes the Democratic politicians to reason "I can pass more free-trade agreements, and the suckers will STILL vote for me.  After all, those are MY votes".  So the Democrats help the Republicans outsource our jobs, pass indefinite military detension of citizens, and deny us universal health care.

    This is YOUR FAULT and the fault of the other DUPES that unconditionally support the corrupt, corporate-funded Democrats.  This vicious cycle must be broken by upsetting their cosy, corrupt arrangement that lets them sell us out to the corporations CONTINUOUSLY with continuous dupe support.

    If the Green Party had gotten 5% of the vote after Clinton/Gore saddled us with NAFTA and GATT, the Democrats wouldn't have DARED to pass more free-trade agreements.

    "He and the GOP nominee are the only two realistic choices, whether you like it or not. No other candidate will win, nor has the slightest chance of winning."

    You miss the point.  Voting Green is fighting back at the corrupt Democrats by taking "their" votes.  They can't stop us from doing that, and it affects them DIRECTLY.  As a race between a Republican and a Democrat gets closer and closer, our power grows out of proportion to our numbers.  A few percentage points for the Green Party can flip an election.  Unfortunately it risks a Republican winning, but the Democrat will think twice about angering the left IN THE FOLLOWING ELECTIONS.  Right now there are NO CONSEQUENCES for fascist betrayal by the corrupt, corporate-funded Democrats.  Green votes will SHOW them the consequences!  And a mere 5% of the vote will get the Green Party matching Federal funding.  Green votes will influence the political process RIGHT NOW, even before the Green Party starts winning elections at the state and Federal levels.

    Obama allowed the military to arrest us without charges, and hold us INDEFINITELY, and YOU'RE going to vote for him again.  What'll it take for you to wake up?  Concentration camps?

    "Those who would give up Essential Liberty to purchase a little Temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."  -- Benjamin Franklin

    In Franklin's day, men risked death to fight tyranny.  Today's citizens have trouble VOTING to fight tyranny.  You deserve what the corporations have planned for you.


    1. A Green vote TAKES AWAY FROM THE DEMOCRATS (take any math courses? EVER?) It just means that a Democratic vote going to a Green Party candidate THAT CANNOT WIN results in FEWER VOTES FOR THE DEMOCRATS because NO real Republican is ever going to vote with the Green Party (your math is, how they say(?)...rather fuzzy to say the least, and your brain is even fuzzier!)

    We cannot fight back by installing another Republican in the White House, PERIOD! Doing that just enables Republicans and makes Republicans think they can continue their trampling of the 99%.
    Obviously you forgot Bush's "political capital" and how he used his
    victory in '04 to further disintegrate and bring down the U.S.A.

    2. The casting of YOUR own sick self-image onto those that oppose you is all that you have in your effort to SUCK...votes from the Democrats enabling the Republicans to back into the White House again so please cease and desist with the sick SELF-IMAGE casting.
    It does you no good. Just a suggestion...

    3. You need to cop a new calculator because the one you're using that says that voting Green doesn't subtract from Democrat totals simply IS>>NOT>>WORKING! Try banging it on the table, or maybe changing the battery, maybe that will help!

    ...and you be dupin' while you be duped and you obviously have no idea what-so-ever what you be dupin' about! lmao!

    Unconditionally voting for the Green Party is what YOU are after and that ain't going to happen in today's political landscape. It seems that everybody knows it  but those that vote for the Green Party. You just don't want to admit it because it rips apart your entire Green Party spiel and rant, but hey don't let the facts and the MATH get in the way.

    Voting for the Green Party sends a message to Republicans and the message is "Want that seat in the White House back? Well then, get a few hundred-thousand Democrats to vote Green, bOOyA!"

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  • Anonymous

    Inequality--denied by heritage, wsj,  and rnc
    10% own 70% net wealth--------80% own 15%
    10% own 70% financial wealth--80% own 7%
    10% get 46% individual income-50% get 13%

    70/15      70/7      70/13  Is that Mexico?

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  • Anonymous


  • You know, I don't mind your disagreeing, but I do mind your condescension ("do arithmetic much?") and name-calling. Read our guidelines, because you're about to get yourself banned.

    By the way, one doesn't need to "do arithmetic" to know that a vote for the Green party is a vote taken from Pres. Obama. He and the GOP nominee are the only two realistic choices, whether you like it or not. No other candidate will win, nor has the slightest chance of winning.

    That much is so obvious, even you can understand it.

    And as I said, I'm well aware of your point of view, and even agree with a good part of it, but at least this time around, I won't take a chance and pull a vote from the president. SCOTUS is at stake and that's enough for me.
    For someone who thinks so highly of himself, you seem rather short-sighted.

  • Anonymous

    Wrong, wrong, and wrong.

    1. A Green vote adds nothing to the Republicans' total (do arithmetic much?).  It just means one corporate shill will have to beat the other WITHOUT our help.

    THIS is how we fight back at them for NAFTA, the Patriot Act, and denying us single-payer health care.

    2. Dupes like you have been falling for the duopoly's "good-cop/bad-cop" SCAM since 1980!  EVERY GODDAMN ELECTION dupes say "there's too much at stake to vote for a real progressive".  EVERY election!

    3. And the Democrats APPROVED all the fascists on the Supreme Court!  Look at Scalia's Wikipedia page: This fascist was approved by 100% of the Senate Democrats!  Look it up!

    If the Democrats were going to protect us from right-wing justices, you'd think at least ONE of them would have voted "no".

    Voting for REAL progressives like the Green Party is the ONLY weapon we have against this other corporate-funded party.

    Dupes like YOU have been voting Democratic since 1980 and look what it's gotten us: Fascist "centrist" "Democrats that are indistinguishable from Republicans.  Unconditionally voting Democratic doesn't work.

    The Green Party has backed single-payer health care and pulling out of these free-trade deals.  The Green Party stands with unions.

    Your Green vote sends a message to the corporate Democrats telling them WHY they didn't get your vote.

    And this message is sent even if the Green you vote for doesn't win.


  • Agree on principle. However, voting Green is handing a vote to the GOP. This is not the year to do that with so many Supreme Court judges at stake, as well as district, appeals court judges, etc.

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Republicans are enemies of working people.  That said, it must be pointed out that BOTH corporate-funded parties favor the 1%; the Democrats just do minor favors for the 99% to maintain their image.

    One quick example: "Free-trade" agreements like NAFTA have BIPARTISAN support.  NAFTA and GATT passed under Clinton.  What most progressives seem to be oblivious to is that the Obama Administration just passed THREE MORE NAFTAs!  (With South Korea, Panama, and Columbia).

    This represents hundreds of thousands of American jobs going to low-wage countries.  Some of these countries have death squads that eliminate workers who try to start a union.  THAT'S what the Democrats have American workers competing against!

    The Democrats feel they can get away with this (and other abuses like turning OUR country into a police state) merely by threatening us with the Republicans.

    It's time to stand up to these two corporate-shill parties of the 1% (actually more like .05%)!

    The Green Party doesn't accept corporate money, and stands for the interests of the 99%.


  • I wish I understood that comment, Clarence.

  • Anonymous

    1980-2009--- 20 years 3 R presidents--18 R -senate 12 R- House 6 TotalControl
    Took 600 budget to 3500 (less wjc itsy bitsy)
    Added 9000 to 1000 debt
    added99,000 net new jobs per month to Carter + Clinton 222,000
    Initiated our involvement in10 foreign conflicts
    Smashed Housing Industry
    Smashed Financial Industry worldwide
    Creat Great Recession

    blame obama tact

    google clarence swinney + 82 democrat   for Accomplishments of Democrats
    List 10 by Republicans????
    also + democrats create jobs and wealth

    clarence swinney-political historian lifeaholics of america
    prove me wrong with facts numbers not blarney opinions

  • Dems are always cleaning up the mess the GOP made. Enough already!