VIDEO: Tucson survivors share their stories 1 year later; Rep. Gabrielle Giffords attends remembrance, speaks to Pres. Obama


Learn more at | The January 8th, 2011 shooting in Tucson, Arizona was a national tragedy that left six people dead and 13 injured, including Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

And via email:

One thing that helped me cope this past year was seeing our nation come together to support survivors and families that lost loved ones. And that’s what I hope happens again today.

Join me in honoring those we lost in Tucson and anyone who has been devastated by gun violence.
Share a message or a prayer with survivors, attend a vigil if there’s one near you or just share a moment of silence with your family:

Whatever you do, I want to thank you for standing with all of us in Tucson and for honoring everyone affected by gun violence.

Colonel Bill Badger
Tucson Survivor

P.S. -- There are lots of ways you can show your support for victims of gun violence today. Click here to learn more.

It's been a year... hard to believe:

PHOENIX (AP) -- Staffers of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and hundreds of others are gathering to remember those killed a year ago, including a slain colleague.

Republican Gov. Jan Brewer showed up, too.

Tucson, Arizona (CNN) -- Rep. Gabrielle Giffords talked with President Barack Obama on Sunday, the one-year anniversary of a southern Arizona shooting rampage that left her and 12 others wounded and six people dead.

The congresswoman will be among those marking the somber occasion by attending a vigil Sunday night on University of Arizona's campus, one of several such memorial events in recent days.

Gabby Giffords is a beautiful, walking (!!) miracle whose life was drastically changed due to a bullet to her head. And that bullet came from a crazy man's gun with a magazine that held way more bullets than anyone could possibly need which made it way more easy to shoot, injure, and/or kill way too many innocent people.

And finally, this: