Video- Fox's Johnson Calls Obama's Recess Appointments A "Vigilante Act Of An Imperial Presidency"


That trips off the tongue quite nicely. Seriously, would the first things an "Imperial President" do be putting a bunch of eggheads in charge of bureaus aimed at labor and consumer protections? No, he'd be out confiscating wealth and livestock! Via.

  • David G.

    Vigilante act or not (and it's not) the President showed why he's a strong leader, not a weak follower who will continue to be bullied by the Rethugs.  This is what he should have been doing before.  Congress has no standing with this country -- 9 percent approval rate.  And why is that?   Because they're not doing their job.  At least Obama is.   Bravo.  Here's looking for more.  DG

  • Walt

    Well of course you know these right wing (fascists) talking heads were going to receive there Frank Lutz (the putz) buzz words and talking points to attack Obama on this issue.  Of course for those of us who pay attention to what really matters... Reagan did over 250 recess appointments and  and Bush II did over 170 recess appointments (including that neo-nazi... I mean neo-con chicken shit hawk, John Bolton).  And of course the hypocritical, ignorant puppets who follow these string pullers will froth at the mouth as their heads explode at the "injustice of it all."  Just like they refer to President Obama using the bully pulpit (which is his job as the leader of the nation) as whining.  Just go and read the hypocritical, ignorant, jackasss' comments.  They truly represent the ugly American.

  • "In session"...........pounding the gavel and walking away......BS.