Chart: The Fed shows Republican economic claims are just wrong


Via one of my favorite tweeters and email buddies, @JoeWo, with permission:

The Republicans say:

-Regulation is strangling business
-Obama's Socialist/Marxist/Fascist/MaoMao policies are killing business
-America does not have a positive corporate climate

This simple chart of post-tax corporate profits dispels those lies and shows a few things, including the fact that profits under Reagan did not top the profits prior to his Presidency until the last couple years of his Presidency and the claim back then that Clinton was leading us to a Socialist/Marxist/Fascist end of America (basically the same claims they say about Obama today) corporate profits were doing a slow growth trend until the last couple years of his Presidency.

And...oh yeah...profits under Obama are higher than they ever have been in history...that little factoid is kind of important too.

Another right wing talking point down the drain.