VIDEO: Dear GOP, this is who you trust and admire? Really?


Above is a video countdown of the greatest GOP moments of 2011, courtesy of the DNC. One of these clowns could actually become president.

I listened today as Chris Matthews ticked off reasons why people would vote against President Obama in November. They included "voting against the guy who is the source of all the divisiveness." And by "the guy" they mean President Obama, not the GOP guy(s) and gal(s) who obstructed him at every turn and who thought it should be Priority One to make him a one term president. That's right, Matthews opined that people would vote against the president in order to avoid future rancor against... the president.

He also listed the rabid anti-Obama types, of course, as well as the independents who will swing back to voting Republican, plus the disaffected, disappointed Dems who will either vote against him by voting for someone else or not vote at all. In addition, there are fewer new voters who, as was the case in 2008, would be compelled to vote for that brand new, exciting candidate (because there are none); and let's not forget the disenfranchised.

(Imagine one of the current GOP candidates in the White House, and then imagine what the Supreme Court would look like.)

So, yes, we could end up electing one of the blithering, ignorant, corporate 1%er gasbags in the video. It could happen. And don't get me started on veep picks.