Snooki, Michele Bachmann top 'Bad Science List'


How big of a fracking idiot do you have to be to grace a list where the likes of Snooki is number one?

The Sense About Science (SAS) campaign has named Jersey Shore doctor of grain liquor Snooki and Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann as two of 2011′s worst offenders of Bad Science. Bachmann went on TV to tell a story of a Tampa woman who claimed her daughter had become “mentally retarded” from an HPV vaccine, and Snooki — well, Snooki’s sort of a science experiment gone wrong in so many (and some delightful) ways that I’d like to give her scientific claim its own paragraph. Let it breathe a little, like seamen amidst a gust of sea air.

“I don’t really like the beach. I hate sharks, and the water’s all whale sperm. That’s why the ocean’s salty.”

  • Motherunit420

    Bachmann not only butchered the science, but the English Language as well.  Her actual words were, "she got the mental retardation."  That sounds like a phrase you'd hear in a trailer park somewhere.