Video- John Birch Society 1998 Video Starring Ron Paul On U.N. Secret Plot To Take Over U.S.A.


Via Gotta's pal Andy. ADDED- Headline changed to correct it to 1998 via Tim Corrimal.

  • Now that Ron Paul is getting to be so national, the skeletons are crawling out of his closet. Beware of him!

  • Blumuze

    If the paranoid delusion of the JBS weren't so dangerous, it would be laughable.

  • Anonymous

    Oh.  My.  God.   

    Stick a fork in him, he is SO DONE...   

  • Birch, of course, equals Koch. And if you notice, all of the nasty goals attributed to the UN are actually the goals, and in some cases accomplishments, of the GOP, TeaParty, the media that propagandizes, and the billionaires that back them. 

  • These folks are so tedious...and dangerous.