Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker admits to stupidity


Remember this? AUDIO: Did Scott Walker Get Crank-Call Pwned? YES.

Wasn't it delightful, delicious and delovely? Want in on a little secret that will be even more delightful, delicious and delovely? Wisconsin Governor Scott "Koch Puppet" Walker called himself "stupid." It's about time.

Via the Post-Crescent:

Asked about the now-infamous Feb. 22 call with a prankster pretending to be billionaire David Koch, Walker was also uncharacteristically remorseful, agreeing with a friend who has said that Walker "felt badly that he did something so stupid."

"Accurate summary," Walker said. "It was stupid."

Oh wait. My bad. "It" was stupid, not Walker. "It." The guy who was stupid enough to do "it" will never fully admit to his own idiocy.

The call, Walker said, "diverted attention from a debate that needed to be focused on the facts and instead got off into this hysteria and everything."

In the call, Walker boasted about his national media appearances, referred to his plan regarding collective bargaining as dropping a bomb, and admitted he had thought about but rejected the idea of planting troublemakers in the protest crowds.

He went on to say, "Just the fact that I was duped … that I would go off and talk about stuff like that, yeah, it was stupid."

Well, I guess half an admission is better than none.

There is a lot more here, including mistakes he says he made in how he went about achieving his dictatorial agenda.