VIDEO- Newt Gingrich to gay man: Vote for Obama


Realistically, in 2012, the presidential election comes down to a race between President Obama and a Republican; no candidate from any other party has the remotest chance of winning. And the thought of a Willard Romney or Newton Leroy Gingrich in the White House, and their insanely dangerous ideas, their bigotry, their Supreme Court picks, and their attitude toward women, is simply not an option.

That is why, despite my frequent frustration, and even anger, with the president, he'll get my vote.  A protest vote, or a "principled" vote as some have suggested, is understandable, but is also tantamount to a vote for the GOP, and at least this time around, I cant' go there. And not voting isn't an option, ever.

President Obama has accomplished many wonderfully positive things, and has supported others that bewilder me. But one thing he would never do is make a child feel like a leper for having gay parents, or say something like Newt said in this video.

As for Newt, my new friend Jesse LaGreca just tweeted the following:

BWAHAHAHA! @NewtGingrichPAC is following me on twitter! #LOL the most ethically challenged POTUS candidate in my life, cruel & stupid #p2

Ironic, I demand campaign finance reform and then I get followed by @NewtGingrichPAC on twitter. We are blessed with idiots for enemies #ows