Monday Links


I can't even explain how my head wants to explode over that condescending Lego bullcrap.

Lego's new line of toys for girls

How turkey and the trimmings can contain more than twice the recommended daily salt intake (Ed note- EASILY.)

Breakfast at Tiffany’s Free-Spirited Sex Lair Is Up For Grabs

Nevada going on five years as foreclosure capital of U.S.

The 15 biggest TV stories of 2011

Study finds Latino workers trapped under 'blue-collar ceiling'

Movie monster matrioshkas

Video- The Irish Jersey Shore Is a Wonder to Behold

Obama press corps serenades the season

Memoir of a child kidnapped to Guantanamo Bay, tortured for six years, and released

Man Arrested for Terrorizing Holiday Shoppers with Light Saber

Anti-bullying classes found ineffective