VIDEO: Rick Perry should call his tax plan the "Let Them Eat Cake" plan.


Via Think Progress:

When asked if his plan would give millions in tax breaks to the rich, Perry callously replied, “I don’t care about that.” ... Perry not only wants to raise income taxes on lower- and middle-income families, but has come out against extending the expiring payroll tax cut, walloping working families with another $1,000 tax increase next year.

Ricky sounds a lot like GW Bush, is as idiotic as GW Bush, is as ignorant as GW Bush, and now we see he has the same amount of "compassion" as "Compassionate Conservative" GW Bush.

Oh, and he's as laughable as Bush, too, because he seems to believe he's still a contender in the GOP presidential race.

  • No, WE won't, the people who vote them in will.

  • Anonymous

    If the American people choose any of these carnival barkers, circus clowns, or snake-oil salesmen as their next president, we will truly deserve what we get.

  • dandy

    Yep! Ricky-Ticky asshole..................