VIDEO: Elizabeth Warren is gutsy


Elizabeth Warren rocks. The End.

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Elizabeth Warren for Massachusetts


America faces a choice: We can be a country that focuses on rewarding big banks and big corporations that have already made it, or we can be a country where hard work and opportunity help middle class families get ahead and build a solid future.

Elizabeth is running for Senate because she believes it's time Washington worked for hard-working middle class families, creating opportunity to help them get ahead. Judging by the thousands of people across Massachusetts who packed community centers and school gyms during our recent volunteer meetings, she has a lot of company.

For the first time, our team has put together a video from one of those packed meetings: Elizabeth's recent stop in Boston.

And the things Elizabeth -- and the people of Massachusetts -- say in this video make clear why this campaign and Elizabeth's election are so important. [...]

Elizabeth always talks about this tremendous grassroots support as the most rewarding thing about being a candidate, but it brings more than personal satisfaction: Grassroots energy is what it will take to win this race.

If there was any doubt the big banks and corporate lobbyists Elizabeth has worked against for years are going to go all-out to stop us, read the Washington Post.  They published an article last week with the headline, "Wall Street gears up to stop Elizabeth Warren." It's going to take lots of grassroots support from friends like you to defeat them.

The energy from our volunteer rallies is already spreading across the Commonwealth, as thousands of people attended 119 volunteer house parties this past weekend.