Conservative deputy sheriff, after I told him I was a liberal: "Too bad."


I just had the most frustrating experience with a local deputy sheriff who was here to take a report about a stalker troll I have on Twitter. And the most frustrating part wasn't that he never took a report.

I've had a vile nuisance of a troll for well over a year now, someone who has hundreds of accounts and who I've had suspended at least 50-100 times. He's bigoted, racist, anti-Semitic, misogynistic, very conservative and very sick. He targets liberals, mostly women, and often more than once a day from each new account.

I've had well over 150 exchanges with Twitter about him, and they claim all they can do is suspend his accounts. They say they cannot block him. Here's the email they sent me:

IP addresses are commonly shared by numerous different users in a variety of locations. Blocking a single IP, therefore, may prevent a large number of unrelated users from logging in to Twitter. In addition, IP addresses are easy to change and any blocks can be easily circumvented by logging in from a different location, a third-party service, or one of many free websites or applications.

Because IP blocking is generally ineffective at stopping this kind of behavior, and may falsely prevent legitimate users from accessing our service, Twitter doesn't block individual IPs in situations like this.

If you notice similar behavior in the future, please feel
free to file a ticket and reference this ticket number, and we can
investigate the situation.

Meantime, I've taken screen grabs galore, but each time I do, I'm forced to go to his profile page and see the hard core porn, racist images and messages, homophobic porn, defecation photos, Nazi images, and attempts to impersonate celebrities (all progressives), even using my avatar for his, and including posting a request in his bio for help in finding out my real identity and other personal information.

Last June I had a female deputy come over and take an incident report to start a paper trail on this freak. She told me to call her again if the harassment continued, so I did, but got no response (it turns out they have a new system and she never got the messages). So today I called once again, and a male deputy was sent over.

This deputy was nice enough, but he had no idea what Twitter was, had never used any social media, and was more interested in my career highlights than learning about the miscreant in question. 

When I showed him my 30 or so very, very offensive screen grabs, he thought Rachel Maddow, Roseanne Barr, Lizz Winstead, George Soros, and Chaz Bono-- who Troll Guy uses for his profile photos in different accounts-- were the person I was reporting. He had no idea who they were, and didn't understand the gist of my complaint at all, despite my repeated attempts to simplify things for him.

The conversation kept drifting back to where he could hear me on the radio. When I told him I was either online or on KTLK (L.A.'s one progressive station), he asked if KTLK was NPR. When I explained what KTLK was all about and that I was a liberal talk show guest, his response was, "Too bad." Then he listed the 5 or 6 conservative stations he listens to.

He was completely unfocused, had an IQ of about 50, his eyes kept gazing aimlessly off into Dumb SheriffLand, and he appeared to have no idea why I was concerned. He eventually asked me what "other celebrities do when this happens."

I counted to ten in my exploding head and explained that I'm not really a celebrity, that others do what I do (report, block), and that I decided it was time to take action and needed his help to do that. That got his attention for about 30 seconds.

Finally he suggested the one thing, the one intelligent thing, the one useful bit of advice of his entire visit: Wait until Monday and call the female deputy who took the original report. He promised me he'd give her my message personally.

Welcome to my world.

  • Any news here.  This is so disturbing, on so many levels.  Hope some progress is being made. 

  • Holy crap, Kansas!!

    And Dandy, thanks!

  • KansasDem

    I had someone actually try to kill me twice. the first time with a knife and the second time with a sawed off shotgun.

    The whole thing went on for about two years until the jerk tried to shoot me in my own home and finally ended up in prison for about 3 years.

    Yeah, three years for trying to kill me with a sawed off shotgun. I got a skull fracture and 47 stitches in my head. Why?

    Because he believed that I convinced his girl friend to have an abortion!

    I didn't, but I certainly helped her gain the funding and I provided transportation, but I never tried to convince anyone to have an abortion!

    The same guy was already on parole from the state of Washington for three counts of attempted murder. A real "pro-lifer".

    AFAIK he is now finally serving life.

  • dandy

    So sorry you're being hassled, Laffy. Seems like an idiot cop would realize he's an idiot and not want to embarrass himself. Oh wait, idiots are idiots because they don't realize they are yo' back. child!

  • Lafferty, just my way of blowing off steam with a little humor. ; )

  • lafferty

    I'm sorry that you had an unsatisfactory experience, GottaLaff.  Making a complaint to the deputy's supervisor is appropriate but posting that photo is petty.

  • lafferty

    Of course, the hundreds of thousands of sheriffs and their deputies across this country are all worthless (forehead smack).  How brilliant of you to realize that.  Really, we should just get rid of all of them.  There is absolutely no reason to pay them to die when responding to armed robberies.  Just give the thieves the money and call a squad for the clerks who get shot.  I'm sure that we can work out an agreement with the violent spouses and rapists who are arrested by sheriffs and sheriff's deputies every day.  And the traffic!  No one likes getting speeding or red light tickets anyway.

    Yes, they're absolutely worthless but it took a true genius like you to  say so.

  • Ryspeed... I wish I did.

  • Ryspeed osagesage

    If you have any "anonymous" fans they could find him faster than the FBI.

  • Thanks. I just filed with the FBI, too.

  • Too bad you have to wait until Monday, but stick with it because this troll can be found.  Don't let one dumb ass cop get you down.  

  • Okay thanks. I'm reporting to the FBI right now.

  • I don't believe Twitter staff has it entirely right about IP's, since they connote a city and an ISP provider. There can be multiple users on on IP address through a single ISP, but location is narrowed down in any case - and then the ISP can check individual URL history from there, to pin down someone violating a law.

    A lot of people have been busted for cyber menacing and other crimes, because they didn't understand they left a trail. Laffy, will email you in a bit -

  • Anonymous

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  • I may do that. I've done it before.

  • Thanks Azure, will do. xo

  • Anonymous

    I'm really sorry to hear about this whole experience, both with the persistent troll and with the inept authorities.  I really value what you do and all your hard work in getting information out to the wide world.  It's such a shame you have to deal with this kind of abuse.  Hang in there, but most importantly, stay safe.

  • Lominska

    Three words:

  • Key word: "Bucks."

    Had the original female deputy not told me to keep her posted, I wouldn't have called again. She gave me the impression they could help, so we'll see.

  • This is far out of the realm of your average police dept.  I wouldn't expect to find many PD persons who could engage this, even in tech-savvy places like Cupertino or Palo Alto.

    I think you may need to go private; get a PI who has expertise (or access to it) with Internet forensics, the hard stuff like child pr0n networks, stalkers, wire fraud, etc.  Yes, that means bucks, but a good one will get it done.

  • Sorry you don't like it. When we put it up, we got wonderful feedback consistently. But if a theme is stopping you from reading a blog, that's a shame.

  • Dear GottaLaff, Love your twitter feed, facebook and articles you publish, but I have to admit I can't stand your WordPress Theme!  After reading you story I was wondering why I don't read more of your articles, and I realize it was because I HATE your WordPress theme!   I think it's the Banner with the Ferris wheels  that does it to me! 

     Don't mean to hate on you, just thought i'd give some feedback!

  • HarborGuy


    creepy and scarey.

    And these freaks seems to always be able to get away with this. Heaven forbid you go out and hold a sign at a bank or Bagger office.

    Sheriffs...I've always thought as them as worthless.

  • Sounds like any exchange with a laptop manufacturer.
    "Ok so here's how you solve that problem... Oh you're not having that problem, well try it anyway and we'll see if it does anything. No? Well take it back to the place you bought it so they can tell you it's too late to return and then you can call us back and hope you get someone else."

  • Thanks Pat. And thank your son!!

  • Pat Tibbs

    I am so sorry you are having to go through this. Good luck reaching the female deputy. My son was I n law enforcement & hr would just incensed at the way you've been treated. But then he has a clue.