Video- Mitt Romney vs Bret Baier on Health Care


Wow, Romney is not likable at all. Kudos to Baier.

  • cash loans

    The health insurance reform act is 52 times longer than the U.S. Constitution and was fixated on coverage and not cost. It did nothing to change the health care business model where our bodies are held hostage and pricing is carte blanche. It will drive up costs and lead to a government take over of health care along with rationing as we hit the end of our rope. It could have been so much different and better if all of the vested health care interests had not won out. All health care providers should be required to list their services and cost for services along with a history of results by prognosis on a national website. Then with the help of ombudsmen skilled in medical care, we could make knowledgeable decisions about optimizing health care to our needs.

  • Debbie Beukema

    uggggh... his mannerisms and weird chair shifting freak me out