"We are now easy prey to simple slogans and political charlatans."


I'd link to this L.A. Times letter, but true to form, they failed to update their Letters to the Editor page, a failing which dovetails nicely with their hours-late home deliveries of the past three weeks and the blank pages of an entire section of the paper the other day.

If all that doesn't increase their diminishing circulation, nothing will. *dripping sarcasm*

Here's the letter:

What we aren't paying for

Re: Pay it forward, Californians," Editorial, Nov. 19

I was born in 1940, and I am ashamed of my generation.

My father's generation invested in the future, building the world's finest infrastructure-- highways, bridges, airports, dams and sewage systems. We've been too cheap even to maintain them.

My father's generation understood that education is fundamental to a successful democracy. We've cut so severely that we are now easy prey to simple slogans and political charlatans.

My father's generation realized that a sound economy requires sensible regulation to keep a balance. We opened the vaults and invited the thieves to help themselves. Now we try to recover the lost funds-- not from the thieves but from our poorest neighbors.

My father's generation had honor and integrity. We have selfishness and greed.

David Grimes

Huntington Beach