VIDEO: Mitt Romney takes President Obama's words out of context in new ad


Ooo, scary Obama is saying stupid, icky things!

What's that? He's not? But it's right there in a grainy, echo-y, ominous, creepy, distorted video.


[A]s the New York Times points out, the line, "which is perhaps the spot's most devastating moment, is also the one that seems to be the most taken out of context. In fact, at the time, Mr. Obama was referring to something that an aide to his then opponent, Senator John McCain of Arizona, had said in reference to the McCain campaign -- not Mr. Obama, then or now."

Willard, you blew it in your very first ad.

  • dandy

    Yeah, I remember when his daddy, George, was Gov. of Michigan back in the 60's. I think he was smarter and less of a fucking liar that his son.

  • Romney is a MODEATE? He's just as willing to jump in the sewer as any of the extreamists in the party.

  • Thanks for referring to him as "Willard." It is, after all, his ACTUAL name.  Let's ALL start doing that. 

    How about we all start asking "If elected president, will he take the oath under his real name?"

  • David G.

    Mitt wouldn't now honesty if it hit him in the head with a sledge hammer.  He's as fake as his hair.  DG