Video- Sean Hannity And Sarah Palin: Obama "Encouraged" Occupy Movement "With His Class Warfare Rhetoric"


PBO is so stalwart and measured in his comments that rhetoric like this just proves these grifters are over the top. Via.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, wouldn't you know that OWS is far too damned democratic for the likes of them and their partners in crime.

  • David G.

    Hannity:  "We've seen rape, we've seen arson..."  Was he talking about OWS or Penn State football... I think he's gotten his senses turned around...  and to be speaking to Palin, the blind sage of all that's good and right (far right) is almost ironic, if it weren't so moronic.  The "class warfare" catch phrase is actually pointed at republicans, not Dems.  The people fighting for the millionaires are the Repugnants, not the Democrats... So up is down and left is right.  There you go folks, that's why the Republicans can't pick a candidate to run against Obama.  DG