To anyone who claimed the Democrats ever had a majority in Congress


Remember the good old days when the Democrats had a 60-vote majority in the Senate and an expanded majority in the House? Neither do I, because we never did, not really, and of course, it's even worse now.

And that's because now, just like then, DINOs (Democrats In Name Only) can't be counted on. And by DINOs I mean Blue Dogs. And by Blue Dogs I mean ConservaDems. And by ConservaDems I mean Republican lite. They are one reason there was such a struggle to get the health care reform we hoped for, and why reading something like the item below makes me want to scream.

Via The Hill:

The conservative Blue Dog Democrat coalition officially endorsed the House Republican balanced-budget amendment to the Constitution, breaking with Democratic Party leaders and the White House.

That's right, they sided with Michele Bachmann.

So drop the right wing talking points about how Dems can't even get support from within, trolls, because the Blue Dogs are not true Dems, they have helped defeat some of the most important bills offered up by those on the left, and they've come to the GOP's rescue more times than many of us want to remember.

This is why we need to get more Progressives elected, starting at the local level, starting with people like Mike Cantone, so we can achieve actual, genuine, legitimate Democratic majorities in the future.