UPDATED: WI Dems plan midnight launch for recall of Gov. Scott Walker; His supporters plan to burn petitions


Scott Walker's policies have contributed to Wisconsin's economic woes,, he's been less than honest, and he has been an abysmal governor who has done everything he can– with the help of his best corporate buddies, the Koch brothers– to crush unions, public education, decent health care, you name it.

Not to mention, he has his very own scandal.

As Jim Hightower asked, “Is it even possible that you have a governor even worse than we do in Texas?”

And so a recall has been brewing for some time, one that is finally about to begin:

MADISON, Wis. (AP) --More than 100 events were planned across the state Tuesday to begin collecting the more than 540,000 signatures required to get a recall election on Wisconsin's ballot next year. Supporters have until Jan. 17 to turn in signatures.

Lt. Gov. Rebecca Kleefsich and at least three Republican state senators also will be targeted for recall next year.

State Democratic Party Chairman Mike Tate said he hopes to collect at least 600,000 signatures by deadline time.

Of course the GOP is calling it a "power grab." Gee, do they mean like the power grabs by their own party, or do they think legal, democratic means of correcting big buckets of wrong are somehow off limits when it's the opposing party doing the correcting?

Then again, consider the source:

Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald said Republicans would run "fake" Democrats on the ballot to force a primary election and prolong the process, as was done in the summer recalls.

Pot. Kettle. Grabby.

UPDATE via Brad: