VIDEO: Occupy Houston "mic checks" Eric Cantor


Majority Leader Eric Cantor interrupted at Rice University with a Mic Check by Rice University grad students, in solidarity with Occupy Houston.

Tit for tat.

H/t: @JoeWo

  • Sportsguy012

    Quick question: Who on this thread actually goes to Rice? Quick facts: the speaker introducing Eric Cantor was David Leebron, president of Rice University and former dean of Columbia Law school. Like what he said or not, he knows about the law. Fact number two: Cantor was not paid to come to Rice. Academic institutions don't take sides in politics. They lobby who is in power to benefit themselves. Cantor is in power so bringing him to Rice in a lobbying effort could pay dividends. Check your facts before making comments. Also, I reiterate that I do not support Eric Cantor but I attended his speech because he is, like it or not, the number 2 member of the House of Representatives. 

  • Sorry, Yoyo, no name calling in Comments.

  • Anonymous

    Those "unsophisticated fleabaggers" are highly-educated students from one of the leading university in US, and possibly be a future leaders of the nation.  The "spout out hackneyed progressive slogans" is their analysis of Eric Cantor's historical standing and Congress voting records.

    They are not the simple-minded peons following vain meme.  You, on the other hand, should review the reasoning and details behind your standings against them.

  • ... and take responsibility for their actions and whatnot.

  • You are absolutely correct. The mic check would probably have only lasted a few more minutes and then Cantor could continue.

  • Anonymous

    Where in the constitution is your right to not be bothered protected? I've actually read the constitution a few times and words and the peoples right to say them is up front in the first amendment. I don't recall anything about your right to not be inconvenienced. Please fill us in on this hidden constitutional protection because we need to use it against you.

  • Yoyo

    you my friend are a dick

  • Anonymous

    How were they not infringing on his right? In fact, they were infringing upon the rights of everyone who were in sincere attendance, as they did not invest their time, let alone possibly money (though i suspect this was a free event to attend) to hear some sheep spout out hackneyed progressive slogans.

    The memes perpetuated by the occupy movement are growing tiresome, and the American people have already lost interest.

  • sakarin4prez

    Exactly, the speaker who introduces Eric Cantor is completely off base in his indictment of the students. I also find it remarkable that Eric Cantor is introduced as the guy who lead congress during the Debt ceiling debackle as if it were a noteworthy career highlight. It really begs the question, "Why is Rice University interested in honoring this scumbag?" What is in it for Rice University? Protection of the underhanded tactics of student loan financiers? A promise that college tuitions will never be regulated as they ought to be? I would be incredibly upset that Rice University was charging me an exorbinant college tuition in order to fork the money over to Eric Cantor to make sure that the GOP puts university administrations before the needs of students, employees, the jobless, minorities, immigrants, and women.

  • Thr3e43

    The speaker who introduces Eric Cantor is either completely ignorant of constitutional rights, or he's intentionally being dishonest. Either way, he has no place occupying any sort of capacity in academia - especially a school as prestigious and respected as Rice.

    Rice security certainly has the authority to escort the students out of the building, but the protesters are by NO MEANS infringing on anyone's first amendment rights. Freedom of speech protects the citizen from prosecution by the government. It does NOT protect citizens from the scorn and criticism of their peers.
    These students may not have been behaving politely, but they were absolutely not infringing anyone's rights.

  • HarborGuy


    Oh ya and Pinhead Cantor is a TOTAL asshole.

  • guest

    What a weasel.  He hid behind that nasal twangy milquetoast the whole time.  I thought republicans were supposed to be manly men?

  • KansasDem

    Lovin' it!

    Shout these assholes down!

  • Scumbag Eric Cantor.