AUDIO: Herman "Beat Obama with a Cain's" Princess Nancy debate quip was a repeat of an earlier one.


Image by @BleuZ00m

Via the L.A. Times: Hermie Cain had the following exchange with a supporter at a Michigan event. Nice imagery:

"How do you beat Obama – beat him with a Cain," Cain said to the friendly group of supporters.

As Cain was whisked out of the building through a back kitchen, a reporter asked what he meant by that joke.

"Herman Cain – C-A-I-N," Cain responded, spelling out the letters of his last name. "Do I have to connect all the dots for you?"

No, genius, which is exactly why the reporter asked you that question.

As for that snide little "Princess Nancy" remark he made at the debate, it wasn't the first time. Not only is he a serial harasser, he's a serial "Princess" wisecrack offender. Aug. 11, 2010 (relevant portion at 2:05), via Think Progress:

So what did Hermie have to say about the Pelosi slight on the heels of allegations of sexual harassment? Pretty much what many of us would expect:

"Why do you apologize — was it insensitive to call her that?" a reporter asked.

"So you all stop asking me about it," Cain replied.  "Look I’m about the big issues, fixing this economy, not focusing on stuff like that. Alrighty? So ask her why she called the tea party people Astroturf a couple of years ago. That ought to be the question."

Yes, make that comparison, because statements of fact are identical to sexist, gratuitous, and very unpresidential cheap shots.

H/t: @latimesmuskal