VIDEO: Unprovoked assault by police on UC Berkeley students


Occupy Cal, meet police brutality.

California's Crowd Management and Civil Disobedience guidelines (PDF) state:

“Only that force which is objectively reasonable may be used to arrest violators and restore order.”

H/t: Joshua Holland

  • Lmcdonald2

    Read about the 1960's, the protests, the pigs (cops), and what went down.  There's a reason they want you to study history!  Check out the Great Depression of the 1930's also, very relevant to what is happening here now. 

  • Lmcdonald2

    I sure hope so, would love to jab them with a large pointy object in the groin!!

  • Sherry

    so does anyone know if the cops are going to get in trouble for this? I mean its all over the internet and if nothing is done to them then there is going to be a lot of upset citizens.... yes it will keep happening if they let them get away with it. I mean they were just standing there. Then a cop comes up behind a boy beside the bush and just hits in like in the side. The kid wasn't even looking at him and didn't see it even coming. It's not like the students had weapons or something...

  • JJ

    They are just trying to cause violence so they can use force. Keep the cameras rolling, as many as possible.

    Great camera work !

  • Astarhiardresser

    Pay for more Educators and Scholarships, and less riot police and riot gear.

  • dandy

    Nothing new here, Valerie. It's the most typical sign of a fascist police state: do nothing but stand and peacefully protest...........and get your ass beat as if you were a criminal . It's called the dissolution of The Bill of prepared for more of the same!

  • Wow. It's like they're *trying* to provoke a riot. Thankfully those students were (largely) non-violent, because they could have taken those billy clubs away from those cops and shoved'em up the cops' buns. 

  • Vinvent72

    I'll give it to the protesters, they were tested and didn't react / respond in kind. But I really think they should sit in with arms locked in those situations. Just so it is clear that they are not being violent or provoking. OWS we are you.

  • As an American citizen I am VERY concerned that police are beating on people like this. This should NEVER be acceptable in this country. Those cops need to be held accountable, there was no reason for them to do that. None. I would suggest that protestors get protective gear, apparently we need it in this country now. Everyone should see these cops hit those young people with their weapons as hard as they could. No, we cannot let this go.

  • Gdhdlvr

    They probably walked over to the law school and got John Yoo to write an opinion justifying

  • Guest

    Idiot cops don't realize they're one budget cut away from being on the other side

  • They beat them up, they hurt them badly, but the students stood there, united, strong, they went nowhere. 

    [And props to the Asian woman who was targeted by a uniformed thug].

  • US is almost as bad police state as the USSR.

  • gainesMI

    just love guidelines written with enough weasel words that basically whatever the hell you want, we've got you covered!!

  • oh, goddammit!

  • HarborGuy

    More of the Police Militia...beating Americans and paid for with the tax dollars of said Americans.

    Time for the 99% to reign in these out of control Goons.