House Republicans want out of Norquist tax pledge. Grover annoyed at them for pulling "that crap."


Republicans are seeing the 2012 writing on the wall and distancing themselves from the very unfunny Grover Norquist and his power-grabby little tax pledge. All but six House Republicans have signed it, as have two House Dems, forty GOP senators and one Democratic senator.

That puts them on record as being anti-tax increase extremists. Their bad.

The Democrats in the House who signed are Reps. Robert Andrews (N.J.) and Ben Chandler (Ky.), but now Andrews, who signed back in 1992, wants out. He said, “I never considered it to be like my marriage vows... I’m married to Camille Andrews, not Grover Norquist. I promised her to be faithful until death do us part, and I mean it. I did not promise him to oppose tax increases until death do us part.”

He may need to serve Norquist with divorce papers, demand the flat screen TV back, and file to retain custody of his sanity.

The Hill:

Grover Norquist’s grip on the House Republican Conference is loosening.

A growing number of GOP lawmakers have disavowed Norquist’s pledge against supporting tax increases in recent days, telling The Hill they no longer feel bound to uphold a document that they signed, in some cases, more than a decade ago.

Ruh roh! GOP World is imploding! Call the tax-idermist because Grover's signatories are dying off faster than Willard Romney's political positions.

[S]everal House Republicans, and at least one Democrat, now say the anti-tax group is being deceptive and want their names taken off the list. [...]

The sheet of paper they signed years ago, the lawmakers say, is no longer valid.

Some Republicans aren't complaining about the duration, but say "it constrains their policy choices." Not Rep. Steven LaTourette (R-Ohio):

My driver’s license expires. The milk in my refrigerator expires. My gym membership expires, and I find the website to be a little deceptive."

Grovey's response?

“Does that even pass the laugh test?... A promise not to do something doesn’t have a time limit... I haven’t even had junior state legislators pull that crap...” 

Crap or not crap, it looks like Norquist's iron grip is expiring.

H/t: Ellen

  • Yes, typo, thank you!

  • KansasDem

    Yes, yes, yes!

    It's like GW having to run as a "compassionate" conservative.

    There is no such thing!

    They've been hell bent on destroying the social safety net since FDR created it!

    And, I think worse, Ronny Ray-gun introduced us to "trickle-down"!

    No Republican can be trusted, nor should any of them be respected!

    Fuck 'em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Apologies again for my language but no other word seems appropriate.

  • The fact that elected officials signed some pledge to some random dude is disturbing in itself.  I'm glad some are reverting back to their standard slimey politician selves and ditching @GroverNorquist at their earliest convenience.


  • KansasDem

    Laffy, should that not be, "want out of"?

    Sorry to be a freaking jerk but one of my foster mothers was an English teacher and I'm scarred for life ;^)

    She'd freak out at my common punctuation errors and, even though she's long dead, I freak out over every error I make.

    I'd love to hear from some of Michelle Bachmann's "foster kids".

  • Anonymous

    That is the only picture I've ever seen anywhere of that smarmy little worm attempting a smile; he's even uglier than his normal evil, beady-eyed visage.

  • Regardless of whether they finally *see the light*, such extraordinarily bad judgement in the first place to sign that thing....King's X - You're Out!

  • Sorry, Grover, but pretty soon people will be going back to mistaking you for a furry blue muppet.