Flashback 2004 VIDEO: "Introducing Barack Obama" Senate ad


1. Look how young he and his daughters look! Michelle the Gorgeous never changes.

2. Compare and contrast then and now in terms of promises, ideals, hopes, and how you feel.

3. Now that you've done all that, no matter how you feel, you have to admit the GOP roster riding in Clown Car '12 don't even come close.

H/t: @71stQueensBlvd

  • rr

    This man has worked harder as President than any other I've seen in my lifetime.  He is smart, serious, articulate, and has an understanding of global politics that is absolutely amazing.  He kept us out of a full blown Depression after inheriting the worst economy in modern history.  
    And still, people expect him to be Superman.  He is a super man to me, and I thank him for his service.

  • Maritza

    I 2nd that maggy.

  • Anonymous

    I love and admire, and trust the man.  Always will.  No question.