VIDEO: Rachel Maddow's unsexy, alarming nuclear energy news


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Once again, Rachel puts it all into context for us. She's a true educator.

  • Andrew Hvatum

    My real question to Rachel Maddow is this, why don't you do a daily segment on the Radon gas released by Natural Gas burning power plants? Why don't you do a daily segment on the radiation released by coal power plants? 

    The answer is, because it's even LESS sexy than Nuclear Power. At least nuclear power sounds scary, and when you talk about a tritium release, it is an exceptional event. For other forms of power production, dangerous, massive, environmental contamination are PAR FOR THE COURSE. 

  • Andrew Hvatum

    She's an uninformed alarmist on this topic. She's bought into misled, aged, 60s anti-Nuclear activist tripe. The fact that the North Anna nuclear plant has been offline demonstrates an extreme over-abundance of caution. Why does she just pose the question about what would happen at the North Anna nuclear plant if all the back up power sources failed? She could easily find the answer! The North Anna nuclear plant is a much more advanced design, and even in a total meltdown would never get worse than Three Mile Island. It would be a non-event. 

    Let's be honest, if we shut down nuclear plants in this country, they would be replaced with coal and natural gas. Until every last coal plant is shutdown, it's irresponsible to even discuss shutting down a nuclear plant. Coal power and Natural Gas are ongoing environmental catastrophes, releasing radioactive elements directly into the atmosphere as a normal part of their functioning. Once we have shut down every last natural gas and coal power plant, we can think about shutting down some nuclear power plants and switching to a yet to be invented base-load green energy source. 

    And Tritium releases, OH NO! I have tritium in my illuminated car Key chain, and it exists naturally in the atmosphere, at much greater quantities than mankind has ever created (Pounds of Tritium is created every day in the Ionosphere). 

  • Rivercitidan

    I've been thinking about this lately and I think I've put it in perspective. Here's the answer we've overlooked. If you let the crude oil pipelines and the nuclear waste dumps leach into rivers and lakes at the same time, then the fishing will be much better with certain  species of fish, such as asian carp. Sure the rest will die off, but as the rivers and lakes get blacker and darker from the oil, species such as the asian carp will glow in the dark from the nuclear waste, making them easier to find. Almost as visionary as Haley Barber's Chocolate Mousse theory...

  • dandy

    Thanks Rachel, hate to think about it, but where can we go? Sex and drugs make me feel much better!